Sunday, March 18, 2012

Winds of change...

Welp back to reality tomorrow, Spring Break was is over. (Yes I am an adult and still get a spring break, gotta love working in schools!) We did absolutly nothing, but thats just what we needed. I have loved just getting to be at home with Frank. Typically I only get to see him for more than an hour a couple days each week. He's a busy bee working full time and going to school full time. Only 56 days until his graduation! I don't know who is more excited ha!

We've been really thinking lately about what path we are going to be taking together. We both wonder if we've chosen the correct career paths. There may or may not be a big change coming soon. But all that really matters to me is that wherever we go, we go together.

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  1. A big change?? His graduation is getting so close! That is so exciting. Miss you, can't wait to skype tomorrow!!